One thing no one talks about to prepare for your newborn

As a first time parents to be, Mr. G and I were very nervous about pregnancy, the labor and delivery (this is probably more for me as obviously Mr. G can’t really feel the pain), and the actual responsibility of being parents (with a 10 months baby, we still can’t really grasp the scale and scope of the responsibility). Our focus was getting through the pregnancy without complication, carrying our baby to full term, me eating healthy foods to give baby nutrition, and of course acquiring baby items. We started family later than a lot of our friends and family. Therefore, we are very fortunate to get a lot of hand me downs as well as tips and advice. But we would like to share one very important tip to get ready for parenthood that we wish someone had reminded us earlier.

Simplify and Streamline your life. Build habits that help you tackle the nuts and bolts of daily life so you can focus on more important priorities.

This can mean different things to different couples. For some couples, it may mean freeing up time from their busy schedule or resolving existing relationship issues. In our case, building habits to take care of house chores systematically fit the bill. The fact that we did not have a good system and schedule to tackle house chores (not to mention the new chores related to baby Z) really made the first few months with baby Z not as enjoyable as it could have been. And that also builds up stress daily. Think about the piles of paper that need to be properly scanned and filed. While I hates the many useless items at home, I simply can’t find the time to go through them for donations or re-purposing the items.

The tips and advice we got from friends and families emphasizes getting ready to take care of baby physically: sleeps training, breastfeeding, bathing, preventing diaper rashes etc etc. Those are important! Don’t get me wrong. But for us, if we nailed down the house and managed our businesses well before baby Z, we would be able to spend more quality time and eliminate some unnecessary stress for our first few months with baby Z.

Nevertheless, it’s never too late to start tiding things up and building up good habits, and that’s what Mr. G and I are working really hard on now!!