Hi there! Iā€™m Mr. Goldilocks ā€” a typical working mother who wears many hats. This is my outlet for sharing my thoughts on life, especially on personal finances, behavioral economics and parenting ā€” basically, anything that jumps to my mind and really bugs me to think about it. At the heart of it, I hope what inspires and drives me can also help others as well.

While I have always wanted to start a blog, there are many reasons that I haven’t done anything regardless of how easy it actually is. Procrastination and laziness are obviously some of the top reasons. A major headache was the name of the blog. I finally settled with Mrs. Goldilocks. So why Goldilocks? A little girl running away from bears? For me, Goldilocks represents the perfect sweet points that strike balance and harmony. We all try to find the perfect balance in life. We want to have jobs that offer learning opportunities BUT not too overwhelming to the point that we have to sacrifice family or personal time. Goldilocks represents the straggle to find the sweet spots for situations in life.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy maintaining it.