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Hello everyone, I’m Mrs. Goldilocks, a suburban working mother living in the Washington DC metropolitan area. I have a loving and supportive husband, Mr. G and our 10 months old cutie pie, baby Z.

By trade, I’m a software engineer / project manager. If you know the industry, these two roles usually don’t fall on the same person. Come on, it’s an obvious conflict of interest! But I work in a small company, so that explains a lot. Besides work, I enjoy every moments with my family. After baby Z drifts into the dreamland every night, Mr. G and I can pretend for a few hours that we are still in the world of just two of us. I like to read, in particularly related to personal finances and behavioral economics. And of course, parenting is a big topic of interest at the Goldilocks’ household these days.

Why talking about money is such a taboo subject?

Can we talk about it more openly and help each other?

No, people don’t talk about it. We can even talk about politics!! All you hear is rumors oh … that kind of job pays well!! and how well? like $150K or $100K?? And financial advice are often not offered between peers. Why can’t we help each other more on financial topics? I strongly believe happiness and fulfillment do not always come along with money or financial freedom. Yes, we all need to have financial resources to live and maintain a certain lifestyle, but it should never be the most important things in anyone’s life. There is a saying, “The poorest guy is the one who only has money”. However, we all can’t deny how important it is to become financially savvy.

I grew up in a family without a lot of financial advantages. My father was a construction worker who did not have any job security, and my mother stayed home to raise me, my sister and my brother. If my dad got injured at the work site, there was no worker compensation, and the whole family would be on our saving. That was very difficult because we actually don’t have much saving. My mother recalled times that she only had less than ten dollar in her wallet, and she did not know what she could feed the family the next day.

With this background, other than clipping coupons and saving pennies, I did not get any a solid Money 101 course from my parents. When I landed my first software engineer job, I did not know how I should use the money. Investment? Never heard about it. Retirement preparation? It really seemed so so far away. Down payment? Wow, my parents never owned any property and that seemed to be a far reach for me. I wished I knew how important to educate myself on personal finances before I actually started having a steady income.

15 years later. Here I am. Mr. G and I have pretty good incomes. On top of that, we also are on track on our emergency and retirement funds, own investment properties and we just started college fund for baby Z. Both of us did not really think much about personal finances and made a lot of mistakes during our 20s. Like, I used those actively managed mutual funds with 2% management fee in my 401K because I didn’t know past performance is not a good indicator of future performance. Yes, it was in the fine print, but who actually read it?? Or, Mr. G bought the universal life insurance because he thought that’s a sound investment and good tax shelter. And, I put money into stock and mutual funds with the recommendation from friends, and I lost a lot of money. If we did think about financial freedom or early retirement, that may be our reality now.

If Mr. G and I who had made numerous missteps in the past and can still make it to where we are today, I believe other people can as well. Even though a few of my best friends encourage me to start a blog on personal finances, I still think I am not that good at money. At times, I randomly spend money on cheap fashion and then donate the items without even wearing them. Or, I am intrigued by marketing and buy something totally does not fit into my lifestyle. I hope my experience in personal finances, failure or triumphs, can inspire others to think about their own situation and get to where they want to be.

Let’s get started.

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